Players Land claim grief protection & Jobs Reborn plugins.
Minecraft 259 Server World, Minecraft 1.16.1
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Players Protected Areas against 'Griefing & Thieving'.
When placing your 1st chest, as in the picture above you will get a small protected area which later as you play and auto earn claim blocks can indeed extend this area using your golden shoval outward, limited only by your claim blocks.
Failing that, or as I did on first try, I had to resort to standing on what I considered middle square and then used in chat /claim 5
Find yourself a nice big area because as you play you will acrue more 'claim blocks' and using your 'golden shoval' which you will have to make you will be able to drag further the 'glowstone & gold' markers which appear when you select your 'golden shoval' in or near your claim.
At first we ran into a few problems but, eventually we worked out that when we made changes we hid our shovals and used /claimslist
This gave us our area coords and how many claim blocks we had left, I found it best to work on a level ground and all the space above the claim was also protected so there will be no build over or accidential lava flow or water being placed above or on the protected area.

Jobs Reborn for our Players to earn in game currency & achieve levels...
Hunting, mining, building and other jobs available.
You can have upto 3 jobs and to see the available jobs type into chat
/jobs browse
There will be a long list of jobs which we found very useful in earning in game currency & levels in certain minecraft activities such as mining, hunting, building, crafting and other minecraft pursuits which we need to do to survive.
To take on a job type /jobs join (job-name)
For example, /jobs join digger * Now when you dig you will get ingame currency & experience points as well as levels in digging.
To leave a job simply type in /jobs leave (job-name)
For example /jobs leave digger * you may want to swap jobs as you can only have 3 at any one time.

We have made this game as fully player orientated for quick play and to get right into at. We are planning to open up the nether for raiding and further gameplay as well as exploring the new blocks, this is our current game plan we hope you will find of interest in our posts and videos.
Minecraft 259 Server World, Minecraft 1.16.1
Server Address

Minecraft 259 Dyn-Map Now Updated Mon 17th Aug 2020
Please feel free to check out latest Minecraft Map for our server world, currently updated & fully working as of Monday the 17th August 2020.

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