New and experienced players welcome

Currently 2 games - Minetest & Colony Survival

1st Minetest = & Port: 32663
* No password needed for Town1 on
Town1 is my main town, I have a protected house in a couple of areas.

Right Click 4 Menu & Save Link As

2nd Game = Colony Survival

It is a survival game so move far away from Spawn
Feel free to build your own Colony's !! * Can you secure and build your own area ?
Hope to see you in game if your up for a Survival Challenge
DO NOT ask to meet up, build your own Colony and maybe we will trade...
Created 14th Aug 2019 / Updated 03.11.2019
This Colony Server has added Mod called 'Angry Guards'

Sun 11th November 2019 update - Currently playing on all 3 servers - On Colony Server I have established 2 bases, and there are over a dozen players. Some read this site and some do not, and often those that do not cause problems for themselves and others. It has been written here and often pointed out that failure to move away from the spawn area will leave a player open to greifing and there is no protection except for the 'Angry Guard Mod' which takes time for players to research. Do not be a fool, keep your cool, and move your base hundreds if not thousands of blocks away. Bunching up really is not a great idea, space out especially on your first base. There is no support, the game is as is and the Mod 'Angry Guards' is the only way to protect yourself from Greifers and thieves. I am planning a discord or some way players can message, I may also rank players by how many villagers they have and post a picture or two of the main structure. I won't be releasing location unless players specify, but it would be nice to have a scoreboard of who has developed the most NPC's with a picture of the main structure. Well done to the players who have built bases, I will try to send some stuff to players who need a few materials, but that is not something I will be doing every day but once in awhile to players who are honest and into the game. Play well and best regards.

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